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    How To Connect To Ventrilo


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    How To Connect To Ventrilo Empty How To Connect To Ventrilo

    Post  Dr_Ugz on Sun Feb 01, 2009 9:25 am

    A lot Of People Have Trouble With Connecting To The Ventrilo Server Or Don't Know To Download It. This Topic Well Help You Learn How To Use It.

    Ok Frist You Need To Download It At
    Once Its Downloaded Open Ventrilo
    Go To The Button To The Left Of "User Name"
    Click New Type In The Name "Sa-rp Name" Click Ok Then Click Ok Again
    Now Click The Button To The Left Of "Server" Click New Name It "Gangsta Nation Ventrilo"
    Click Ok And Then Copy And Paste This IP Address ""
    Then Go To Port Number And Type In "3854"
    Click Ok Then! Go Down To Connect. Click It Wait For 2 Seconds And Then Your In!

    If You Have A Microphone Then Look On Another Topic That All Post Soon

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